First broadcast June 22nd, Inside Track #22 is now available for listening in the Mixcloud player below. This show featured a reference to General Zod of Superman II.

General Zod and his accomplices

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The show began with a discussion of the Grenfell Tower fire. We noted one story that showed young people who could have tried to escape the blaze preferring to remain in place and die with their elderly family members. We also made reference to a firefighters’ first-hand account of his experiences and thought processes during the fire. Blogger Craig Murray pin-pointed outsourcing and complex contracting arrangements as a significant source of the culture that ends with a fire such as Grenfell Tower. And on the subject of David Lammy MP calling for the Metropolitan Police Service to stop Grenfell Tower contractors from destroying evidence related to the fire, we noted that the Met are world experts in the destruction of evidence; Operation Othona revealed that an entire ‘lorry-load’ of evidence that may have helped the inquiry into Stephen Lawrence’s death was ‘inexplicably shredded in 2003’.

We covered the Finsbury Park Mosque attack and explored the so-called double standard that white attackers are rarely labelled as terrorists. We noted that as white attackers don’t martyr themselves, the reporting of their actions is far more guarded, and extends to not instantly labelling them as terrorists. We did note, though, that in the case of the Westminster Bridge attacker, it was perhaps wrong to designate him as a terrorist, as the Metropolitan Police Service admitted that he acted alone and his motivations may never be known. On the subject of mental illness motivating terror attacks, we noted that such a view is not simply a rhetorical move to exonerate white males, but is often actually the case, as in the recent example of a mentally ill man jailed for making Facebook threats to an MP he felt was going to vote to cut the support services he depends upon.

We ended with some white privilege/SJW-type stuff, with one example being this bizarre effort, How Can You Not Like The Beatles?