First broadcast May 25th, Inside Track #18 is now available for listening in the Mixcloud player below. This show was chiefly reaction to the Manchester terror attack and included a clip from the movie, V for Vendetta.

Who will prevail?

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Something of a blame game has raged since the terror attack on Manchester. Katie Hopkins tweeted that a ‘final solution’ was now required, and, despite her attempts to wriggle free, this has now ended her career at LBC. The Sun went for something from left-field, with a Corbyn smear that may see Manchester become the second city to show them the door. The Intercept chose a different path, choosing to jab an accusatory finger at Tony Blair, who was warned by the intelligence services that the 2003 invasion of Iraq would increase, not decrease, the risk of terror attacks on the UK. For those seeking a set of ideas to blame, rather than an individual or a billion muslims, the World Socialist Web Site saw the Manchester attack as being, ‘a by-product of the endless series of imperialist wars waged since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and escalated since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.’ Over at Counterpunch, John Wight highlighted the indisputable hypocrisy of continued Western support for Saudi Arabia, the primary worldwide sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And if all that reading is too much for you, Metro helpfully provided a guide to ‘updating your Facebook profile with the Manchester heart‘.

In the parallel universe that is The Guardian, their latest astonishing scoop continued the paper’s downward trajectory since the Snowden leaks, as they splashed repeatedly on a leaked copy of… Facebook’s… moderation policies. Stay tuned, as next week they reveal the shocking truth about the password recovery system of Friends Reunited.