First broadcast May 11th, 2017, Inside Track #16 is now available for listening in the Mixcloud player below. The show featured a reference to Mrs Slocombe of the sit-com Are You Being Served?

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The crimes of Hillary Clinton: Before her murder, Honduran activist, Berta Caceres pointed an accusatory finger at Hillary, holding her responsible for the coup that destabilized (and continues to destabilize) her country. The 2009 coup featured democratically-elected president, Manuel Zelaya, being taken in his pyjamas and stuck on a plane to Cost Rica; a right-wing cabal then took control of the Central American country. In the years since, murders of members of the LGBT community have soared, with 215 killed in just the last 6 years. Only a month ago, Sherlyn Montoya, a trans activist, was found dead, her body showing signs of strangulation. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to speak as if she is a leader on LGBT rights.

Labour manifesto leak: Whether by accident or by design, the leak of the Labour manifesto was a PR master stroke. As ever, though, the Fourth International are, shall we say, less than effusive, dismissing the document as ‘a pro-business, pro-militarist election manifesto‘, a triumph for the Blairites.

Transracialism and transgenderism: A philosophy professor has been subjected to a witch-hunt after writing a paper evaluating the merits of the arguments for transracialism and transgenderism. The example of transracialism used was that of the notorious Rachel Dolezal, who remains unapologetic.