Inside Track #13 with David Condon & Jason Kennedy – LISTEN NOW!

First broadcast April 20th, 2017, Inside Track #13 is now available for listening in the Mixcloud player below. This show will forever be known as ‘The Black Lace special’…

Lock up your ears, it’s Black Lace…

Topics discussed include:

The Cottonwool Election: Craig Murray congratulating himself (again) on one of his many predictions proving correct – Theresa May having announced she won’t take part in any live TV debates with the other party leaders.

Tory election fraud: Daily Mirror’s excellent explainer on the potential path this scandal may take.

Minority report: Fresh evidence has emerged that throws further doubt on the so-called ‘chemical attack’ in Syria. The Russians gave the US 24 hours notice of the strike, while an MIT professor determines a land-based munition was used.

An ‘act of war’: While the US and Western governments prefer different terminology, Damon Linker reminds us that the decision to bomb a country can never be anything but an act of war.