Here are links to books referenced on the show

James Bamford – The Shadow Factory

Bamford reveals the inner workings of the NSA and its surveillance programs, describes how the FVEY governments share intelligence, and explains in forensic detail how the 9/11 hijackers managed to fall through the cracks due to poor information-sharing between various parts of the federal government.

David Oshinsky – Worse than Slavery

Oshinsky explains the lead-up to the opening of Parchman Farm, today known as the Mississippi State Penitentiary. After slavery ended, the Reconstruction period unleashed a wave of racial violence and the prison system began to be converted into an instrument to control and exploit the newly freed black population. Oshinsky gives the inside story of the brutal regime at Parchman Farm.

Murray Bookchin – Remaking Society

Bookchin takes the reader through anthropology; the emergence of hierarchy and modern capitalism; technology; utopian radical solutions; urbanization and communities; and the ethics of social ecology – or toward a philosophy of nature and community.

John Miller – Voices against Tyranny

An anthology of artists’ responses to the Spanish Civil War. On Show #13, Jason read a paragraph from Thomas Mann’s contribution.

Rob Evans and Paul Lewis – Undercover

Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn – The Untouchables