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Shih, shih, shih, shih...

Astonish your friends, confound your enemies, with this exemplary Chinese tongue-twisting poem, where all 92 words sound the same [VIDEO].

Stephen Miller, Supervillain

Trump aide, Stephen Miller, announced himself to Planet Earth with a series of menacing appearances on the Sunday shows [VIDEO].

Collateral Murder

Revealed to the world via Chelsea Manning/Wikileaks, this video showed the reality of death from above, as US Apache pilots laugh their way through murder [VIDEO].

Mike Flynn resignation
The Intercept: Glenn Greenwald on leaks and Mike Flynn resignation
Zero Hedge: "He will die in jail"
Counterpunch: What Bradley Manning Revealed
Counterpunch: Pentagon as Lying Machine
Democracy Now: Obama's War on Whistleblowers forced Snowden to release documents
Press Gazette: Save our Sources campaign
The Guardian: UK Government accused of 'full-frontal attack' on whistleblowers
Paul Nuttall / UKIP
The Guardian: Paul Nuttall moved house over safety fears, says UKIP
Huffington Post: UKIP's Immigration spokesman apologises for 'If you want a jihadi for a neighbour' tweet
Political Betting: UKIP Stoke Central odds fall sharply following the unravelling of Nuttall's Hillsborough claims
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"But I will be..."

UKIP Leader, Paul Nuttall, denying there's anything wrong with declaring that his 'home' is at an address he's never visited [VIDEO].

"Not so innocent..."

President Donald Trump saying the unsayable regarding the deadly reality of US foreign policy [VIDEO].

Fake News week at C4

John Snow reprises his am-dram days with this preposterous ad for C4 News' 'Fake News Week' [VIDEO].

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Seven countries, five years

Wesley Clark (speaking in 2007) explains how, immediately after 9/11, he was told of the USG plan to remake the Middle East. [VIDEO].

BBC WTC 7 9/11

The BBC magically discuss the collapse of WTC 7 while it stands very much undestroyed in the background [VIDEO].

Fake News week at C4

John Snow reprises his am-dram days with this preposterous ad for C4 News' 'Fake News Week' [VIDEO].

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The first show did not directly feature any audio/video clips, but reference was made to the following stories.

Facebook vs Fake News

Continuing the 'war on fake news' in the wake of the 2016 US election, Facebook has announced new partnerships to counter this civilizational threat [STORY].

US drops 3 bombs a hour in 2016

The US dropped an average of 3 bombs an hour throughout 2016, as part of their mission to bring peace and prosperity to the Middle East [STORY].

US public support for military

The US public continues, despite multiple scandals, gross inefficiency, and disastrous wars to place more trust in the US military than any other institution [STORY].

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Donald Rumsfeld, "Known Unknowns"
Donald Rumsfeld, "North, East, South and West..."
Trump - not so innocent
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